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Perfect oriental box's

We respect diversity, ethics, fidelity and commitment to serving people, preparing food and welcoming customers and staff.

At DOJÔBOX you enjoy the most traditional Oriental cuisine at your home.
Original recipes from Okinawa, Sichuan and Malaysia that been passed from generation to generation, with that unmistakable flavor.
The secret? Affection and attention in each box so that you always feel at home.

We offer tasty options of the ideal size to your hunger! We have options with meat, fish and / or vegan in individual versions to please all tastes.

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special meals

Pride in Each Service


Okinawa cuisine differs significantly from Japanese cuisine due to the islands’ unique history, during which its food culture was influenced especially by China, South East Asia, Japan and the United States, and due to the different climate with its effects on agriculture and the appetite.


China’s long history, vast territory and rich culture have given birth to the distinctive Chinese culinary art. With several thousand years of creative and accumulative efforts, Chinese cuisine has become increasingly popular among more and more overseas gourmets.


Thai cuisine is undoubtedly the most unique ones amongst all the Southeast Asian cuisines and is by far the most sought after ones. The distinctive flavor and aroma of Thai cuisine is now savored across the globe.

and many more to come...

Our menu continues to grow with new dishes and more than special flavors for our extended customers.

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Best Box's Experience

Choose the box that best suits your hunger and enjoy this journey of flavors!!


From £ 10


From £ 10

Chicken Chow Mei

From £ 10


From £ 10

Taco Rice

From £ 10

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fresh box

Highly Quality in each box

Feel the best of oriental cuisine with fresh produce that seems to have been picked a few hours ago. you will feel each ingredient its taste.

chicken chow mei

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Japanese Mushroom

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